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Client Testimonials

Robert Houston (2005 Academy Award Winner for Best Short Form Documentary)

It was my pleasure to work with Michael Gilboe in New York,  where he managed to record an off-Broadway demo with remarkable efficiency and polish.    New York City isn’t known for wide-open spaces,   (the word shoebox comes to mind)  but Michael must have experience herding cats,   because he produced six songs with a cast of eight  in his midtown studio – in less than two days.     I was most impressed with his enthusiasm,  combined with detailed knowledge of the New York theater and music world,  its history and its trends.   His focus was both artistic and commercial,  and his people skills were great –  good listening,  strong follow-through, crisp execution.   Michael is a real asset.

Gregory Jbara  (2009 Tony Award® winner for Best Featured Actor in a Musical)

As much fun, insightful, generous and gentle a producer in the studio as he is as a person in the outside world.  Whether press events, recorded interviews or music recording sessions, I always look forward to spending time with Michael Gilboe.

Derek Nachimow (Singer-Songwriter) –

Choosing to work with Michael was the best decision I could have made as a first time recording artist.  Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, focused, and organized but he is also incredibly dedicated to and passionate about his work; client satisfaction is undeniably his first priority.  Beyond his incredible work ethic, Michael was very compatible and easy to work with-he really went out of his way to gain an understanding for who I was and what my music meant to me.

I came to Michael as an insecure guitarist lacking any confidence in my vocal ability-I had a handful of songs and ideas that I had accumulated over several years, with the hopes of fleshing them out and creating a simple acoustic EP.  However, Michael saw a side of me that I wasn’t able to; he encouraged me to be bold and daring.  He helped me accomplish so much more than I ever believed possible and I owe so much of my success and the success of my album to Michael’s vision.  He is a truly gifted man and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

James Barbour (Concert Performer and 2009 Drama Desk Nominee)

I’ve spent a few hours with Michael in the studio first as an interviewee for Broadway Bullet and then as the host of my own segment of the show and finally recording the single WALK WITH ME for Haiti relief.  Michael’s knowledge of both the Broadway and Pop worlds make him unique in that he brings both sensibilities to the table as a record producer.  He finds in the individual performer things that they might not have thought to explore, strengths and aspects their voice that when tapped can really create some wonderful sounds and thus a unique  “voice” for that singer.  He’s a joy to work with and that makes the sessions even that much more fun.

Karen Olivo (2009 Tony Award® winner for Best Featured Actress in a Musical) –

Every time I get in Michael’s studio I feel like I am in the presence of someone who loves and respects what they do. It makes it easy for me to relax,  ’cause I am in good hands.

Gary Burton (Singer-Songwriter) –

Working with Michael was a pleasure. I found him to be knowledgeable, passionate and professional with an excellent ‘bedside manner’. He immediately put me at ease and was enthusiastic about my project whilst not afraid to offer constructive criticism and a wealth of ideas.He also sourced top quality musicians who, in turn, added an extra dimension via their own talents. Michael was fully adept a not only producing but also arranging the songs and coaxing the best performances.

Kelli O’Hara (Four time Tony Award® nominee) –

I find you a very honest and thorough producer. I  enjoyed working with you in your studio. I appreciated your honesty and ideas that ultimately made my interpretation of the song make more sense. Sometimes it takes another ear:)

Frank Evans-Producer for the Tony® Honored BMI-Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop (Client)

I worked with Michael Gilboe on the BMI Workshop CD, No More Revivals, Volume I and couldn’t have had a better experience.  Michael analyzed the material, worked within our budget, hired musicians and suggested arrangers.  In the studio, he guided both musicians and vocalists to sensational performances and mixed the final project beyond my expectations.

Michael Gilboe listens. First he listens to your ideas about your music and how you want it presented. Then he listens to your music and will discuss the best way to deliver it to an audience.  He wants to please your ears, his ears and the ears of your listeners.Your recording sessions will be both relaxed and efficient. He instinctively knows what needs to be redone live and what can be done in the mix.  He will give you the results you had hoped for and probably more. He knows how to work with musicians and recording artists because he is a musician himself as well as a maestro at the control board.


Robert Anton (Singer-Songwriter) –

Robert AntonI first hooked up with Michael Gilboe in 1998/99 to work on an idea that I had. I don’t remember how I found him; but I’m glad that I did. He took my ideas and my song and made it into a wonderful work that has been remixed by Djs in several countries and released on a compilation in Germany.

What most impressed me is the vocal performance he pulled out of me. It was probably the hardest I’d ever been pushed, in the studio, and I remembered that for years to come.

Several times, as I’ve been working on a new project, I’ve contacted Michael and he was often busy with other ventures; but recently we got the timing right and worked on another 3 songs together. It was even better the second time around. He’s grown as a producer, set up his own shop, and is even more knowledgeable about the workings of his studio. He was supportive and encouraging, created an original feel for each song, and was more than willing to either let me drive my project or to sometimes take the lead and help me find my way.

I can’t say enough good things about him. He’s the gold standard that I use when looking for producers on songs for my projects (I have 3 completed original projects on CDbaby and the music is now finished on a 4th) and his prices are very reasonable.

John Fkiaras (Singer-Songwriter) –

I am about to complete the finishing touches on my album which is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a young teen listening old Elvis records. I can say that it would never have become a reality without the fine production and tutelage of Michael Gilboe. Mike’s strengths are in his ability to make you feel at ease in the studio, help you find your own voice and style, and help you deliver a killer vocal.  Vocals are his area of expertise and depending on your own talent of course, you will get the best possible vocal recording. The relationship developed with Mike is truly professional and there are no instances where you feel that you are working with a shyster or someone unethical. That means a lot in a profession filled with crooks and producers who solicit sexual favors from clients (especially from young pretty females). If you are a solo artist as I am, Mike is fantastic at layering tracks for you such as drums, bass and keys. I can promise you as a client myself, the tracks he provides will be top notch, professional, lush, hip and most importantly will fit in with the vision of your music. For the v alue you get here, the price is more than reasonable. If you are willing to work off hours such as weekdays and nights Mike offers discounts.The only caveat is that usually the first mix is not the best or final mix. Just be prepared to come a few additional sessions to tweak the mix to perfection. There is of course no extra cost and Mike is always good about tweaking until perfection. I am always happy because the final product is a radio ready major label track for a reasonable price. I definitely look forward to continue working with Mike Gilboe on my upcoming CD projects.

Adam Delisi (Singer-Songwriter) –

Adam Delisi

“I met Michael Gilboe (aka DJ Copperhead) a few years ago at an artists event he coordinated and hosted. His passionate energy for all music matched his ambitious spirit! I knew I had to work with Michael. His Grand Opening of “Hells Studios” in Times Square was very impressive and we connected right away. When I finally got the chance to actually work with Michael, it was more than awesome! I came to him with a new tune I wrote– wanting to blend singer-songwriter folk with Hip-Hop and most everything in between. Because Michael is schooled and skilled in all those genres, he pieced together and produced my vision into reality. Michael is definitely a Producer that has taken New York by storm and will, without question, make a huge impact on the music industry to come. He’s a versatile Producer with huge talent a feel all is own. He knows how to produce a Hot track that’s radio ready & is affordable at the same time. He’s the real deal. Can’t wait to work with him again!”

John Pollard (Singer-Songwriter) –

Michael is a professional producer, who is knowledgeable in varied aspects of recording and popular music. He can wear many hats simultaneously: producer, coach, collaborator, and recording engineer, well versed in contemporary technology and how to best use the multitude of tools at his disposal. Michael works quickly and in an organized manner to produce quality product. He has added value to each of the many recording projects on which we have worked together.

Ariel Hyatt – (Owner Cyber PR)

Michael is my go to guy for recording my seminars, workshops and boot camps. He is a delight to have in any room and his work is superlative. My business would not be growing with him. I highly recommend him if you need any recording at his studio or remotely.

Bryce Weinert – (Writer/Editor, No Ducks Productions)

I have known Michael Gilboe for over a decade, in both professional and personal capacities. He is a savvy and organized entrepreneur, jumping into new ventures with zeal. His enthusiasm is contagious because it is always genuine. As a creative artist, Michael is willing to put long hours into finding the best ideas possible, never settling for the easy or obvious solution. He collaborates well with other artists and accepts criticism with grace. I look forward to working with Michael on many more occasions.

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