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Sometimes you Never Know About Someone’s Talent

What do I most look for in producing an artist? Talent? Voice? Songwriting? Musicianship? No. Do I like them as a person, and will I enjoy my time (many many hours) working closely with this person. Why? Life is too short to deal with unpleasant situations. And, you just never know... I'm not going to say the name of my following client, but here's a story... I recently started work with a new singer songwriter. His initial email sounded scattered, like he didn't know what he wanted to do, a lot of song fragments he couldn't finish, etc... It didn't sound promising, but I set up the consultation. Turns out he was a very nice guy. I didn't think he was a *fantastic* musician, and I was very unsure about his vocal abilities (although I was sure I could help him get to a passable level for his genre...) Flash forward...

we’re finished with pre-production (he needed me to help co-write the album and finish the songs)… I think this artist has a chance of making a bigger splash than anyone I’ve worked with… He just needed to get past his shyness and get comfortable in the studio. His guitar playing is forceful and unique with some great arrangements… his unfinished songs were LOADED with catchy hooks and his voice has taken on an odd confidence… No one will mistake him for Pavarotti, but I think he’s turning into a very distinctive vocalist with his own unique style that will not only *pass* in his genre, but stand out!

I’ve seen a lot of independent artists, not only in my studio, but heard thousands through submissions to my Next Big Hit Podcast… And I’ll go out on a limb here and say that, IF HE DOES HIS WORK AFTER RECORDING, this guy has a chance of becoming a serious star.

And even if he doesn’t, I am going to be very proud of this music and album.

And I would have missed it if I had been a snob.

I work my hardest for every client, and I’ll do my best to make you comfortable and bring out the best in you… ’cause I want to find another one!

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